There’s so much pain when you’re trusting someone so much and yet he’s hiding something to you

Perfectly tired commuter day

Started my day completely perfect, was early in the office, had a quick breakfast from jollibee take out, staff fellowship, completes some errands and office tasks and headed to High Impact facilitation training at AIM conference center at Makati. Training was great, learned a lot from our trainer Mr. Oliver from UP… we didnt finish the last part of the program which was the queation and answer portion… we left early at about 5:15pm.. walk towards ayala avenue about 3 blocks from aim. Knowing the blocks at makati, blocks are pretty long with underpass to go through from one point to another… question floats my mind… do the people in this area have self discipline? Why create tunnels? Cant they just observe pendestrian lanes and traffic lights? Which they have plenty of.

Was first asked to go back to the office to get some files for friday deadline since tomorrows a holiday… waited at PSE taxi bay for 45minutes by the way got there at 5:40pm. Hoping to get the taxi because i was already next in line but then 615 came and decided to go home instead. so i took another route which will require me to fo through the underpass again. Rode a bus. traffic was overly heavy so i decided to alight at buendia station and take MRT hoping i can ride the skip train at taft ave station which i always do when i was still working at eperf not mentioning the long linr that i need to go through… But surprisingly, they have a system now good for them and bad for me coz i need to go out and swipe my card. Good thing it accepted my SJ ticket. MRT edsa sucks so bad. Very poor. So i decided to take my normal route which is LRT taft to d. Jose and recto to katipunan..

I must say commuting from makati really took me by surprise. Surprisingly bad. Now its already 810pm. Say thats 3hours of travel time. I really want to cry and stop moving. It was hopeless. I dont know how my frienda who work in makati takes the commuting problems everyday. It was traumatic not just for first timers but to those whose not familiar and not their everyday route.

so sad that my perfect day was ruin because of commuting trauma.

So true #heartbreak #love

So true #heartbreak #love

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let’s hang out…

why do you always ask me out? asking moments to cling and catch up?! I’ll say yes but you’ll gonna fill me with stories about other girl… are you like being insensitive or you just delibaretly want to hurt me? i’m getting tired of this you know #confused #love #onesided